Strandline Beetle in England Project

Strandline Beetle (Eurynebria complanata) © Liam Olds

The Strandline Beetle (Eurynebria complanata) is a very striking ground beetle – it is also GB Endangered and hasn’t been seen in England since 2002.

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Quick Facts:

  • Name of Project: Strandline Beetle in England (Species Recovery Project)
  • Duration of Project: Summer 2023 – March 2026
  • Location of Project: North Cornwall, North Devon and East Somerset in the South West of England – focussing on beaches along the English side of the Bristol Channel
  • Species benefiting from Project: Strandline Beetle (Eurynebria complanata)
  • Project funded by:  Natural England

Strandline Beetles, as their name suggests can be found under beach debris along the strandlines of some sandy beaches. They have some association with sand dune habitat.

This beetle was once found in multiple places on both the English and Welsh sides of the Bristol Channel but it is now thought to be restricted to just a handful of sites on the Welsh side. Buglife is working on this species in Wales through our Natur am Byth! Project.

The beetles are approximately 20mm long and are very striking in their appearance with their black and sandy coloured markings. The adult beetles spend their days hiding under beach debris, making use of both natural items such as driftwood, and more unconventional items such as plastic drums and fishing crates. At night they emerge and feed on sandhoppers and other invertebrates along the strandline.

Strandline Beetle (Eurynebria complanata) © Liam Olds Strandline Beetle (Eurynebria complanata) © Liam Olds

In England, Strandline Beetles have not knowingly been seen since 2002 when they were last sighted at Braunton Burrows in North Devon.

What will the project do?

Over the next few years, Buglife will be undertaking surveys for Strandline Beetles at appropriate locations in South West England to see whether any remnant population might remain.

The project will help us to determine whether there are any remnant populations of the Strandline Beetle on the English side of the Bristol Channel. We also hope to learn more about why the beetle has disappeared from much of its historic range over the last 30 or 40 years.

How can you support the project?

Have you ever seen what might be a Strandline Beetle whilst on any of the beaches in north Devon, Cornwall or Somerset?

If you have a photo of it, we would love it if you could share it with us, join our Search for the Strandline Beetle!

Strandline Beetle (Eurynebria complanata) © Karim Vahed Strandline Beetle (Eurynebria complanata) © Karim Vahed

The Strandline Beetle in England (Species Recovery Project) is generously funded by Natural England