Strandline Beetle

Fast Facts

Latin name: Eurynebria complanata

Notable feature: A large, sandy coloured beetle with black markings on the elytra. Can be found sheltering underneath beach debris.

Conservation Status: Endangered

Where in the UK: Historically found at sites on both the Welsh and English sides of the Bristol Channel but now only found on a few beaches in South Wales.

Strandline Beetle (Eurynebria complanata) © Liam Olds

The Strandline Beetle (Eurynebria complanata), sometimes known as the Beachcomber Beetle, is a large, fast-moving and striking ground beetle, measuring between 16 and 20mm in length.

It is sandy coloured with black markings on its elytra, well camouflaged for life in or near the tidal zone, on bare sand or sandy clay.

The Strandline Beetle has long antennae and legs and large eyes positioned either side of its head, just behind the antennae

  • Size: Adults can be 16-23mm in length
  • Life span: Unknown
  • Diet:  Adults feed primarily on sandhoppers such as Talitus saltator and Talorchestia brito, although beetle and fly larvae may also be eaten.
  • Reproduction:  Mating occurs in late summer and autumn with females laying single eggs beneath the sand above the strandline. New adults emerge from the following spring.
  • When to see:  Adults can be found between May and October each year.
  • Population Trend:  Declining in the UK – the Strandline Beetle is classed as Endangered on the GB IUCN Red List
  • Threats:  Loss of habitat as a result of beach cleaning, removal of drift wood and other beach debris and climate change. Disturbance as a result of tourism.
  • Fun Fact:  Strandline Beetles are nocturnal and spend their days sheltering under beach debris such as driftwood.  They have also been found underneath some more unusual items including oil drums and old wellies.

How you can help: 

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