Severn B-Lines

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The Severn B-lines project, funded by the Defra Green Recovery Fund, aims to address pollinator declines in Shropshire, by creating a beautiful network of flower-rich habitats that are good for people and pollinators alike. The project is part of the UK-wide B-lines network, and will see existing wildflower-rich habitats linked up via the restoration of species-rich grassland.

Working with Telford and Wrekin Council, Bridgnorth Town Council, private estates and the Shropshire Wildlife Trust, we will restore wildflower-rich habitat along the Shropshire B-lines; from near Whitchurch up in the North of the county down to Bridgnorth, taking in farmland, gardens and amenity grassland, that together create a network which benefits pollinators and people that live in, work in and visit the area.

There will be plenty of opportunity to get involved with the project, through workshops, volunteer workdays, surveys and even on your own patch! If you are creating pollinator habitat in your garden, allotment, or on your farm then we would love to know about it. Just add it to our B-lines East and Midlands of England map (B-Lines East and Midlands of England | Buglife).

B-lines is the simple yet elegant landscape-scale approach to addressing pollinator declines. Since the 1930s we have lost a staggering 97% of semi-natural grasslands in the UK; urbanization, agricultural intensification and development have dwindled wildflower-rich habitats to marooned islands in an increasingly busy world. It means pollinators cannot move to find food, nest or hibernation sites, or in response to climate change. Just as we have created a more mobile and connected landscape for ourselves, we need to do the same for our wildlife – creating habitats that are bigger, better and more joined up.

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