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‘Urban Buzz’ is an exciting project using innovative techniques to create eight ‘Buzzing Cities’ in England and Wales for our declining pollinators.  By transforming mown and unused areas of land, we are creating 100 sites in each city equating to more than 200 hectares of rich and vibrant habitat (That’s over 33 Wembley Stadiums!).

Pollinators are vitally important to landscapes and people but are in serious decline.  Urban areas provide enormous opportunities for habitat creation and Urban Buzz is utilising these spaces to help support these remarkable insects.

Here are some examples of the fantastic work we have already done!

  • Bee Bank for nesting
  • Formal beds to increase forage availability
  • Native meadows for forage
  • Shrubs
  • Bee hotels for nesting
  • Ornamental meadow for forage

These sites have been selected to improve habitat connectivity, making pollinators more resilient to changes such as development, climate change and pollution; allowing the movement across a city.  

If you want to get involved, click on the link to your local city.

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