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‘Urban Buzz’ is an exciting new project using innovative techniques to create 8 ‘Buzzing Cities’ in England and Wales for pollinators, transforming mown and unused urban sites into 200 hectares of rich and vibrant habitat for pollinating insects, and engage 80,000 people with their local Buzzing Hotspots.


Pollinators are vitally important to landscapes and people, but the UK’s pollinators are in serious decline, and loss of food and nesting sites is a major cause of this decline. For example, studies have found that with increased urbanisation, there is a decrease in the number of pollinator species, due, not only to a loss of habitat but poor integration of habitats into urban areas. However, urban areas provide enormous opportunities for habitat creation and can contain a remarkable number of species; for example 35% of UK hoverfly species were recorded in a single garden.


Urban Buzz will create and modify habitat throughout the urban landscape for pollinating insects, providing more high quality nesting and forage sites. Through the planting of trees, shrubs, formal beds and native meadows; as well as the installation of living roofs and walls and the design of nesting habitat walls, bee banks and bee hotels. Sites will be selected to improve habitat connectivity, making pollinators more resilient to changes such as development, climate change and pollution; allowing the movement across a city.


Everyone can get involved there will be an interactive web map for each city, where you can add your local Buzzing Hotspot, as well as help to choose, create and design Buzzing Hotspots for pollinators.


The 8 Buzzing cities chosen to benefit through this project are: Birmingham, Cardiff, Plymouth and York which are starting 2015; and then Bristol, Ipswich, Leeds, Leicester will start in 2017. These cities have been chosen for their potential to deliver the National Pollinator Strategy which sees improving habitat in urban areas as key to tackling pollinator decline. With more flowers and wildlife, these cities will be more attractive, and healthier and happier places to live.


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