Tansy Beetle Trail

Have you spotted a Tansy beetle in York?

Here are a few suggestions for where you might see one, during the summer months, when the adult beetles are feeding and laying eggs on Tansy along the banks of the River Ouse:

Fulford Ings – the picnic bench at Fulford Ings is a great place to see Tansy beetles, there is an interpretation board here too which explains all about the life cycle of the Tansy beetle and  the threats it faces.

York Museum Gardens – The Gardens have a special patch of Tansy near the Hospitium where Tansy beetles can be spotted.

Clifton Bridge – our new interpretation board on the Bootham side of the River Ouse as you’re heading into the City has lots of Tansy growing near it – can you spot a Tansy beetle here?

Rawcliffe Meadows – the pond on Rawcliffe Meadows is not the only part of the Meadows which is home to Tansy beetles, they can be seen to sparkle here on a sunny day.

National Trust Beningbrough Hall – out in the parkland there is an enclosure planted with Tansy, there are beetles here if you look closely on a sunny summer’s day.