Tansy Beetle Action Group

The Tansy Beetle Action Group (TBAG) has been set up to initiate and oversee conservation efforts aimed at saving the Tansy beetle (Chrysolina graminis) from extinction in Britain.

TBAG is working to a five year conservation plan for the beetle.

The Group has undertaken a number of conservation measures to protect the Tansy beetle, with funding from the HLF, Ernest Cooke Trust, SITA Trust, York business ‘Sumptuosity’ and a legacy donation.

These measures include:

  •          Removing riverside willow and Himalayan balsam, which reduce tansy growth.
  •          Planting tansy clumps where there are large gaps, as the beetles can only walk a maximum of 200 metres.
  •          Creating ark sites, safe havens away from the river where beetle populations can be protected from summer floods which cause high mortality.
  •          Working with landowners and land managers to reduce grazing pressure on tansy by using temporary fencing.
  •          Ensuring that, riverside landowners know the difference between tansy and ragwort.
  •          Yearly surveys by TBAG volunteers to monitor existing populations along the river Ouse and in Woodwalton Fen.
  •          Increasing public awareness of the beetle working with BIAZA partners e.g.: West Leeds Country Park Visitor Centre (Leeds City Council) and the Deep.
  •          Captive breeding to facilitate research introductions and reintroductions
  •          Reintroductions and expansion within the East Anglian fens.

Tansy Beetle Action Group

The Tansy Beetle Action Group comprises representatives from: –

·         Askham Byran College

·         BIAZA (British and Irish Association of Zoos and Aquariums

·         Buglife

·         City of York Council

·         Environment Agency

·         Friends of Rawcliffe Meadow

·         Leeds City Council

·         National Trust

·         Natural England

·         North Yorkshire County Council

·         The Deep

·         University of York

·         West Leeds Country Park

·         Yorkshire Wildlife Trust

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