York's Buzzing!

York’s Buzzing is an exciting partnership project between Buglife, York City Council, Yorkshire Wildlife Trust and York Friends of the Earth. This project will transform York’s mown green spaces into areas buzzing with wildlife and rich with colourful wildflowers that both people and pollinators can enjoy

Flower-rich meadows are vital for our pollinators to create nests and find food. Unfortunately, due to large-scale changes in land use since the 1940’s, a massive 97% of flower-rich meadows have been lost in the UK.

Loss of this precious habitat has contributed to a decline in over two thirds of UK pollinators, including many species of butterfly, moth, hoverfly and bumblebee.

York’s Buzzing will be turning York’s mown deserts into wildflower-rich sanctuaries for bees, butterflies and other pollinating insects, restoring 7.4 hectares of meadow across at 8 sites across the city, including the Bar Walls, West Bank Park, Monk Stray and around the Millennium Bridge. That’s almost 50 times the area of York Minster’s nave, covered in wildflowers and creating a really BIG BUZZ!

Help us transform the green spaces in York from this .... Help us transform the green spaces in York from this ....

Benefits of Buzzing

As well as bring a Buzz to the city the project will also provide vital habitats for other wildlife by restoring locally important meadows.

These vibrant meadows will be a beautiful asset to the city for everyone to use and enjoy, and we want everyone to get involved in supporting and creating these meadows,  and so we need your help!

... to this - full of colour and buzzing pollinators ... to this - full of colour and buzzing pollinators

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