B-Lines School Pack

The B-Lines  project is creating a network of wildflower meadows across the UK to help link existing wildlife areas together.

We are encouraging schools to get involved and we have developed a set of pollinator teaching resources for primary schools.

Each of the downloadable lesson plans are based around, and have activities supporting the National Curriculum.

School Pack

Our School Grounds

Use Our school grounds to help create a pollinator improvement plan for your school’s garden.

Making a Buzz

Making a buzz explores the diversity of sound with a pollinator focus.

Pollinators and Poetry

Poetry can be a great way for children to learn and express themselves. You can use Pollinators and poetry to help your class explore the wonders of the insect world through poems.

Mapping a World for Pollinators

Mapping a world for pollinators  can be used to help your class understand the impact that we have on nature and the need to conserve wildlife.

How Plants Attract Pollinators

How plants attract pollinators can be used to explore the many ways in which flowers attract different insects.

Creating your Pollinator Home

Create pollinator homes with your class and help the children to understanding the importance of insect pollinators and their habitat needs.

We're going on a Bug Hunt

We’re going on a bug hunt will help you plan an enjoyable bug walk for your class.

Making Maths Buzz

Making maths buzz is a great way to help children understand that maths happens in everyday situations and is all around us.

Plants and Pollinators

Plants and pollinators can be used to teach your class about flower structures.

Have some fun!

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