Water Beetles: Recording & Atlases of Britain & Ireland

Thursday 14th September, 2023 - 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm

Online via Zoom

Learn about the history and future of recording water beetles in Britain & Ireland with Prof Garth Foster.

Water beetles have a long history of biological recording, with the first scheme starting in 1904 and the earliest recorders including Charles Darwin. Garth will provide a brief introduction to the history of water beetle recording, before discussing the recent publication of three volumes of the water beetle atlas for Britain and Ireland, illustrated by anecdotes about some recent records. We’ll end the talk with a call to action for the next generation of water beetle recorders and details about how to get involved.

Prof Garth Foster has been studying water beetles for sixty years or more. He has co-authored books covering the atlas of water beetles in Britain and Ireland, based on over 600,000 records acquired as part of the recording schemes.

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