Riverflies: The Canary of Our Rivers

Monday 18th September, 2023 - 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm

Online via Zoom

Join us to hear about case studies from the Riverfly Monitoring Initiative and how you can get involved in helping to monitor UK rivers.

Riverflies, along with other freshwater invertebrates, are at the heart of the freshwater ecosystem and are a vital link in the aquatic food chain. Their common characteristics of limited mobility, relatively long life cycle, presence throughout the year and specific tolerances to changes in environmental conditions make them good biotic indicators of water quality and useful indicators of change.

The Riverfly Partnership has developed the Riverfly Monitoring Initiative to enable citizen scientists to assess and monitor the health of rivers in their communities. Anglers, conservationists, and concerned community groups can act as guardians of the river by using the standardized monitoring technique developed by the Riverfly Partnership, in effect becoming an early warning system detecting disturbances in river water quality and raising the alarm, so that relevant statutory bodies can investigate further. Data collected by monitors is freely available to all and has been used to successfully prosecute polluters, showing the power of citizen science.

Trine will be giving an overview of the methodology, sharing the progress of the project and what’s in store for the future, discussing some case studies highlighting the amazing work of the volunteer monitors and letting you know how you can get involved.

Trine Bregstein joined the Freshwater Biological Association in March 2022 as a citizen science coordinator. She has an interest in engaging people with conservation initiatives, helping them to foster a connection with nature and their local environment. The Riverfly Partnership is hosted by the Freshwater Biological Association.

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