Irish Entomology Meeting – Action for Our Invertebrates

Friday 24th March, 2023 - 9:30 am - 5:00 pm

Ulster Museum, Botanic Gardens, Belfast, BT9 5AB

Discover Ireland’s invertebrates, the conservation challenges they face, and the current research, policy, and community work to help. Our focus will be on insects, but we will also consider Ireland’s other invertebrates – like molluscs and our unseen marine.

Ireland, both north and south, is ranked poorly for biodiversity decline; both our invertebrates and the habitats they call home are in poor condition. Despite growing red lists emphasising our need for immediate conservation and policy reform, many of our invertebrates remain data deficient or under-recorded, thus we often do not fully understand the extent of their decline.

To compound, Ireland still has to tackle the same global, national and local challenges encountered around the world such as climate change, pollution, habitat fragmentation, intensive agriculture, and invasive non-native species.

However, we are in good hands!

This meeting is open to everyone with an interest in Ireland’s invertebrates, and will bring together world-renowned and up-and-coming entomologists based in (or have worked in) Ireland, and researchers, conservationists, and community activitists across a range of fields who have contributed to raising the profile of invertebrates. Species including the Narrow-mouthed Whorl Snail (Vertigo angustior), Irish Damselfly/Crescent Bluet (Coenagrion lunulatum), and Northern Colletes (Colletes foralis) have benefited from conservation efforts, but there is more to be done.

Join Buglife and the National Museums Northern Ireland at Ulster Museum on Friday 24th March 2023 to hear from entomologists, researchers, conservation organisations, photographers, community initiatives, and more. We’ll be showcasing the biodiversity we don’t often see, exploring habitat creation and biodiversity indices, discussing current issues, and delving in to new research and taxonomy.

In-person speaker list to follow with additional online seminars from Monday 20th March to get the conversation started. Please follow our social media feeds to hear more on this.

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A light lunch will be provided, please inform us of any dietary requirements. Spaces are limited, so please also contact if can no longer attend so we can re-allocate.

Any questions, please email either Joshua Clarke ([email protected]) or Dr. Helen James ([email protected]) for any further information.

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This conference is co-hosted by Buglife and National Museums Northern Ireland and funded by DAERA’s environment fund.

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