Hoverfly Lagoons Project: A Journey into the Past, Present and Future with The Biological Recording Company

Wednesday 17th July, 2024 - 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm


The Hoverfly Lagoons project was invented in 2016 for the University of Sussex’s Buzz Club, a citizen science charity exploring wildlife gardening techniques for insects. The aim was to trial artificial habitat, essentially small water bodies designed for some (magnificent) species of hoverfly which are semi-aquatic. These water bodies may be missing in our urban and rural landscapes due to a lack of natural habitat such as mature trees. The Buzz Club learnt that: Hoverfly Lagoons are very easy to create; size doesn’t matter (much); they’re used by a broad invertebrate community; and they could be a useful tool to investigate biological unknowns and to monitor environmental change. Dr Ellen Rotheray takes us through her lagoons journey – past, present, and plans for the future.

Dr Ellen Rotheray is a senior lecturer in Ecology and Conservation at the University of Sussex, member of the IUCN Hoverfly Specialist Group, and member of the Pine Hoverfly Biodiversity Action Plan (BAP) Steering Group. Ellie got her first taste of hoverfly research during her masters degree in 2006, which opened up a new, exciting world of discovery and exploration. What’s more, due to the nature of the project, it was an opportunity to apply scientific findings directly to shape effective conservation management. Inspired by habitat creation efforts trialled during her PhD, Ellie invented the Hoverfly Lagoons project, largely in the hopes that when people caught a glimpse inside this world, it might evoke a desire to protect it.

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Date: Wednesday 17th July, 2024 - 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm

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