Conservation management of habitat and rare or threatened insects at Lagan Meadows with CIEEM

Wednesday 9th August, 2023 - 10:00 am - 2:00 pm

Lagan Meadows, 56 58 Knightsbridge Park, Stranmillis, Belfast, BT9 5EH

As part of CIEEM’s commitment to the All-Ireland Pollinator Plan (AIPP) CIEEM is organising a Field Trip to Lagan Meadows. This event will focus on a walk and talk to discuss the challenges for conservation management across the site. You will hear from experts from Buglife and Belfast City Council as well as having the opportunity to take part in a FIT count.

Join experts from Buglife and Butterfly Conservation for a walk and talk to look at the rare and threatened invertebrate species that occur at Lagan Meadows. Part of the Lagan Valley Regional Park in south Belfast, the site hosts a range of priority habitats and threatened or rare invertebrates. From wood pasture to wet meadows and open bare dry soil, there exists a mosaic of habitats for a variety of species.

Insects will be explored, specifically with a focus on bee species that appear on the Regional Red List of Irish Bees including discussion on habitat requirements for nesting and foraging. Grey-banded Mining Bee (Andrena denticulata) listed as vulnerable on the Regional Red List will be targeted, as will its kleptoparasite, Black-horned Nomad (Nomada rufipes).

With nearly 20 years of butterfly transect data we’ll discuss species and habitat changes, site threats, conservation management and species requirements including habitat needs and food sources.

This event will focus on recording and surveying, including FIT counts and timed counts for butterflies. There will be an opportunity for participants to take part in a FIT count including discussing features to look out for in-field identification to family or genus of bees, when specimen cannot be obtained.

CIEEM will be joined by staff from Belfast City Council, Buglife, Butterfly conservation and Dryas Ecology to guide attendees through the day.


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