Buglife Services provides high quality services focused on invertebrates, including sample identification, surveys down to species level, habitat assessments and also advice on habitat management/creation/restoration for invertebrates.

Surveys: We have experts available with a wide range of skills relating to a broad cross section of invertebrate groups, providing knowledge on identification and ecology; as well as a number of different habitat types including freshwater, grassland, upland, woodland and brownfield.

Habitat management advice: We provide technical advice on habitat management advice for any habitat type to create high quality habitats for invertebrates; as well as a series of innovative conservation techniques, including the creation and design of living roofs, living walls, bee banks and other designed bug habitats; providing project assessments, design and management.

Workshops: We can also provide tailored training on invertebrate identification, including assessments down to species level or a lower taxonomic resolution. Training on habitat assessment techniques including brownfields, freshwater, agricultural and grasslands.  As well as training on monitoring and collection techniques for a wide range of invertebrate groups.

Staff away days: In addition we design and tailor staff days out focused around invertebrates and their conservation, for example improving office grounds and surroundings, learning about invertebrates and creating nesting sites, or working with a local community on a project to help invertebrates.

Educational support: We have the knowledge and expertise to build on site bug habitats or install pre-made ones alongside delivering education materials suitable to all key stages.