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B-Lines Hub

Working in partnership

B-Lines is working to develop a network of wildflower-rich habitats across the UK, linking together the best of our existing wildlife areas across our countryside and towns. 

The development of a UK-wide network is ambitious and to meet the challenge requires the support and help of a wide range of organisations and individuals.  Successful delivery of B-Lines depends on numerous conservation partners, businesses, public sector bodies, land owners/managers and private individuals working in partnership.


Everyone who lives, works or owns land within a B-Line can do something to help  create something really important.   As well as working directly with Buglife on individual projects, many organisations are now supporting and helping to develop parts of the B-Lines themselves.  Our B-Lines Guiding Principles  provide assistance and ensure that B-Lines is developed consistently around the UK.


Further information on some of our developing partnerships is provided on our partnership pages, see side menu bar.

If you are interested in helping to deliver B-Lines in your area please look at our FAQ s for further information and/or get in touch via email.

A new partnership is growing with the Church of England

And of course you can highlight what you are already doing on our B-Lines map