Myth, Mystery and Folklore

Thursday 9th September, 2021 - 6:00 pm - 7:00 pm


What is Severn B-Lines? Severn B-lines is an ambitious project that is working to restore wildflower-rich habitats in Shropshire and ‘build’ a pollinator highway.

Perfect for all ages and professions, this webinar is designed to be a relaxing, education and eye-opening experience of the world around us.

Plants and trees give us insight into our relationship with nature and teach us how we can love and act for the precious spaces right on our doorsteps. Join Severn B-Lines Intern, Kaitlyn Elverson on a virtual walk through woodland and meadow to uncover mysteries of plants and trees. We’ll discuss myth, legend, folklore and fact of some favourite UK flora and fauna and learn how you can connect with and conserve nature in ways perfectly suited to you.

Kaitlyn will start by discussing what folklore is and how it has been used throughout history to warn, inform and inspire. Then we’ll set off on our wander through the woods and meadows, highlighting plants or trees you can easily identify whatever your skill level. We’ll finish with a discussion of how nature can become a personal passion and how you can help on your own patch, or with the Severn B-Lines Project.

The meeting will take place on Microsoft Teams. You don’t need to download Teams or have it already installed on your device to register or access the meeting, you can simply access the meeting through your preferred internet browser. However, we would recommend not using Safari.

This meeting will be recorded and attendee cameras and microphones will be turned off, but you are more than welcome to ask any questions in the chat box. Any questions about the event, please direct to Kaitlyn at the email provided.

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