Vision for Swanscombe Peninsula

Vistors at Swanscombe © Richard Bayfield

A vision for Swanscombe Peninsula was created following a community survey about how they would like to see it used in the future and showcases the potential of this nationally important site to be a community asset. It revealed overwhelmingly the desire for a well cared for Swanscombe Peninsula, managed as a nature reserve for both its impressive wildlife and the people who live here.

87% of survey respondents said that the Peninsula was either ‘very important’ or ‘somewhat important’ to their physical or mental wellbeing. The coalition of conservation partners has urged local residents to write to their MP to make this vision become a reality.

Together with our conservation partners, we want to see a future for Swanscombe that includes the Peninsula secured for both its precious wildlife and the local community that has grown around it. This requires action- nature has reclaimed Swanscombe, but it still needs our help to safeguard its future.

Our vision for Swanscombe is for improved access and educational opportunities for all, that benefits people without negatively impacting on wildlife. Within the Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) boundary, it is important that conservation management is put into place that looks after its incredible wildlife.

It is clear that Swanscombe Peninsula should remain as a publicly accessible green space, managed with and for wildlife, with visitor and local community enjoyment and wellbeing at its heart. Giving people the simple but important chance to be immersed in nature on their doorstep.

Our vision is just that – a vision. To keep the Swanscombe Peninsula safe for people and nature we need to work with local partners and decision makers. If you live in Dartford or Gravesham, will you show your support and call for Swanscombe Peninsula to be saved for people and for nature? The local community can support our campaign by contacting their local councillors and MPs and asking them to discuss a future nature park on the Swanscombe Peninsula. Why not share this vision with others in your community who will stand up for the future of this precious green space and ensure it is still there for future generations to enjoy?

Cycling at Swanscombe © Donna Zimmer Cycling at Swanscombe © Donna Zimmer

Do you live in Dartford or Gravesham? You can help our vision become reality by emailing your MP and Council Leader, calling on them to support our vision. Just visit the Save Swanscombe Peninsula letter action page and follow the simple instructions to do your part.

Whether you live in Dartford and Gravesham or not, if you would like to show your support then why not share the vision with family, friends and followers?  You can even download and use the brilliant “I support this vision” and “I live here” imagery, like the super-cute Distinguished jumping Spider; just click on the related links at the top of this page.

To view the vision in full click on the image below: