Curtains for Light Pollution

UK from ISS © MarcelC

Every time we turn on a light, we risk polluting the natural world.

But what if helping to protect nature was as simple as drawing the curtains or lowering a blind?  This simple action, that many of us already carry out every day, will help reduce light pollution and the impact it has on nature.

As humans, we need artificial light, particularly when the sun sets, as we need to move around our homes and places of work safely.  But we should be keeping the light only where we need it.

At Buglife we want everyone to think of light in the same way we think of heating our buildings.  We want to trap light inside, keeping it useful and reducing how much escapes.

Small changes can make big differences to our smallest animals.  Keeping internal lights inside will not solve all light pollution, but it will start you on your journey.

We want as many of our supporters and followers to join us in pledging to keep inside light, inside.

The colder darker months are the perfect time to get into the habit of drawing the curtains and lowering blinds as soon as we turn the lights on.  And don’t forget to turn the lights off when they are not in use!