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Corporate partnerships

The Green Backyard Wildflower meadow

Vanessa Amaral-Rogers

Our partners appreciate the opportunity to align their brand with the leading invertebrate conservation organisation in Europe, seeing the importance of the work we do to safeguard the small things that run the planet.

We have many years experience of developing high-value, high-profile corporate-charity partnerships and we are well placed to develop a partnership tailored to the specific needs of your organisation.

How we work

There are many motivations for going into a partnership with a charity, so we take a consultative approach to the development of corporate relationships - we discuss with you your picture of the ideal partnership, what you want to get from it and we identify how we can best fulfill those needs.

Whether your motivation is to create a cause related marketing campaign, grow sales, staff or customer engagement, PR, or if seeking to re-enforce your sustainability credentials – Buglife can work with you to address your requirements.

Benefits of working with Buglife

There are multiple benefits of becoming a Buglife Corporate Investor in Nature:

  • Build your brand profile by supporting our conservation work
  • Use of the Buglife logo as part of your marketing and PR campaigns
  • Achieve sustainability goals by engaging with the valuable work which Buglife undertakes
  • Align your company with a UK nature conservation charity of international renown
  • Build connections to landscape scale conservation projects visibly changing the countryside
  • Create national and local PR coverage recognising your support for Buglife
  • The support of a dedicated Buglife account manager.
  • Access to our experts to advise on aspects of sustainability work within your business.

For more information on becoming a Corporate Investor in Nature, please contact Paul Hetherington on 01733 201210