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Workshop: Introduction to hoverflies

A FREE Workshop on an introduction to hoverflies and their identification.

There are over 280 species of hoverfly in the UK and many of them are excellent mimics of bumblebees, honey bees and wasps.  Adult hoverflies are important pollinators and the larvae of several species are controllers of aphids and other pest species.

This free workshop is an opportunity to learn more about the diversity of hoverflies, identification of some of the commonly seen species and how to survey and monitor them using Flower-Insect-Timed Counts.

This is an outdoor event and a gazebo will be on site during the day. Please bring along your lunch, sturdy footwear and warm clothes. If you have a hand lens or any insect guides please feel free to bring them along on the day.

Location: Eglinton Country Park

01786 447504

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Date: Thursday, July 25, 2019 - 11:00 to 15:00
Cost: free but booking advised
Organiser: Suzanne Burgess
Location:   Open map
Telephone: 01786 447504

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