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Urban Buzz York


Suzanne Burgess

Urban Buzz came to York in 2015 with great aspirations. We had challenging targets to hit:

  • Create/enhance 25 hectares of habitat suitable for insect pollinators
  • Develop 100 Buzzing Hotspots
  • Engage 600 people with habitat creation

Well folks, we’ve done it. Or more specifically, the people of York have done it! All of the targets have been surpassed.

.Bumblebee feeding by Millennium Bridge

Across the city there has been transformation of green space to now vibrant and colourful space. These areas have been chosen to increase the population and diversity of insect pollinators. However, it’s not only the butterflies, bees, and hoverflies that will benefit. Local people and visitors now have a wider range of locations to relax and enjoy nature on their doorstep. and fascinating life cycles.Learning about insects on a ‘Pollinator Prowl’


From wildflower margins to woodland glades, from bulbs under turf to bee hotels, and from fruit orchards to flowering parks, Urban Buzz York has been a great success. Thank you to Biffa Award, Garfield Weston Foundation, City of York Council, and all who have been involved in creating these fantastic pollinator habitats.

Glen Mosaic Garden © Chris Ferry

To read about the first year of Urban Buzz in York click here or for the June 17 e-news

With Support From:


The Yorkshire & Clydesdale Bank Foundation

Mr James Brown
Mr Richard Jones
Ms Alison Reboul