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Urban Buzz Plymouth


Suzanne Burgess

Plymouth Urban Buzz has provided a really fantastic opportunity for Buglife to once again work in partnership with Plymouth City Council, and build upon work started by our Plymouth’s Buzzing project a few years ago.

Derrys cross (c) Robin Oliver

Plymouth is a fantastically green city, and with over a third of it being identified as public greenspace, there has been a huge amount of scope for improving areas for pollinators.

We have created a whole array of new flower-rich habitats throughout the city, working closely with local communities to improve, their local parks, nature reserves, road verges and unused patches of land.

Vibrant swathes of flowers and new nesting sites have brightened up many corners of Plymouth, and have not only improved the city visually; they have encouraged even more bees, butterflies, hoverflies and other insect pollinators and created a real buzz in Plymouth!

To read Laura’s thoughts on her first year of being Urban Buzz Officer in Plymouth, click here.

With kind thanks to Ciaran O'Sullivan, Georgia Witton-Maclean, Hilary Bisschops and

Stuart Little for their generous donations to Plymouth Urban Buzz.

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