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Urban Buzz Leeds


Suzanne Burgess

Urban Buzz Leeds is working to create pollinator friendly habitat in the parks and green spaces across the city of Leeds.

Leeds has a wealth of open spaces, from parks to former industrial sites, now used for recreation and nature.

Following urban pollinator research projects in the city, Leeds has amazing opportunities to create pollinator rich habitats in grassland, woodland and wetland, and introduce foraging and nesting sites for bees, hoverflies, other flies, wasps, beetles, butterflies and moths on green spaces and urban areas across the city.

Urban Buzz and a broad range of partners, such as Leeds City Council, University of Leeds and 'Friends of' and 'In Bloom' groups are creating a fabulous, buzzing Leeds.

Some thouights from one of the project vounteers My first day as a Buglife volunteer! / What's that Pollinator?



Video of The Orchard Project at Kirkstall Valley Nature Reserve 


Volunteer Emily Rampling blogs, on the Staff Festival at Leeds University

Students from University of Leeds volunteer to help create pollinator-friendly habitats

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