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Urban Buzz Ipswich


Suzanne Burgess

Urban Buzz is a great project for Ipswich as it will inject resource expertise and energy into a lot of work and ideas that are currently happening around the city. The city will bring together key council figures, the Nature Improvement Area (NIA) and fantastic local community groups passionate about their parks and open spaces.

The town has already come a long way in its journey to improve the local open spaces and parks so that the public can gain more enjoyment from them, and Urban Buzz will bring an exciting new twist to this with the creation of lots more pollinator habitat, colour and life in key areas across the city.

Ipswich has a wealth of parks and open spaces dotted throughout the city with ample opportunity to create amazing pollinator rich habitats creating, corridors for bees, wasps, hoverflies, beetles, flies and butterflies to keep Ipswich Buzzing.

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