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Torbay's Buzzing!

Torbay’s Buzzing!was a partnership project between Buglife and Torbay Council, funded by a grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF).  

Working together with Torbay Council and local communities, Torbay's Buzzing! will help declining populations of bees, butterflies and other pollinating insects to recover by filling parks and public open space with wildflowers.

Pollinating insects are such an important part of our natural environment and projects like this are vital if we are to stop the worrying decline in populations seen over recent years.

Buff tailed bumblebee (B. terrestris) (c) R.Dimond

Buff tailed bumblebee (B. terrestris) (c) R.Dimond

The Torbay’s Buzzing! Project will transform areas of mown grass from green deserts into havens for wildlife and people.  In total over 5 hectares, the equivalent of 5 football pitches, will be enhanced across sites in Torbay, Paignton and Brixham. 

Torbay’s Buzzing! will be giving tired flowerbeds a makeover – adding nectar and pollen-rich flowers to create “Pollinator Cafes”, and planting blossom-rich trees for bees.


Volunteers from local communities will be invited to sow seeds, plant wildflowers and trees, and get involved in family bug hunts and our Torbay’s Buzzing Pollinator Survey to see how the wildlife on their doorstep is benefitting! 

Torbay’s Buzzing! will give a boost to Torbay’s bees and create wonderful wildflower-rich wildlife havens for everyone to enjoy.    

To get involved in wildflower planting and other bug activities, please contact Joanne Gilvear at Buglife on 01752 395188, or e-mail

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