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The Land Trust

Buglife and the Land Trust are working together to help conserve the UK’s wild insect pollinators.  We are looking to see how we can make the Land Trust assets work harder for pollinators.  We will be looking at restoring and enhancing wildflower-rich grassland and other pollinator friendly habitats to help support these vital insects.  Over time we hope to make Land Trust sites hotspots for pollinators and key stepping stones in the B-Lines network.

Initially we will be looking at clusters of Land Trust sites in Yorkshire where will be identifying how small tweaks to management could provide major benefits to pollinators. As part of our partnership  we will also be looking to see how we can involve local communities who live around these sites in this work.

Buglife and the Land Trust are already working together at Canvey  Wick nature reserve. This site is one of the most diverse and species-rich sites in that area, with nationally important groupings of invertebrates including the most important remaining population of the BAP Priority Species Shrill carder bee (Bombus sylvarum) in the Thames region and perhaps in all of the UK.

Keep an eye open for more exciting news about this partnership in the coming months.