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Pesticide report was Defra’s dodgy dossier

A reappraisal of a Government scientific study has raised serious concerns about the scientific integrity of the pro-neonicotinoid UK Government – were civil servants distorting science so that it supported the policy position of Owen Paterson, the then Secretary of State for the Environment?

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Osborne’s lack of regard for brownfield wildlife


Wildlife Charity Buglife is appalled by George Osborne’s lack of regard for brownfield wildlife.  At Mansion House last night Osborne said he was going to unleash an ‘urban planning revolution’ changing planning rules to ‘remove all obstacles’ for brownfield development.  Osborne is clearly forgetting that the National Planning Policy Framework, adopted less than two years ago, clearly states that brownfield land should be preferred for development ‘provided that it is not of high environmental value’.

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