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Wildlife Bill- Initial Buglife Response

Buglife welcomes the new Wildlife Bill, it represents an important step forward in the presentation of a modern and consistent legal framework to protect our precious wildlife. 

Broadly the Law Commission have done a diligent and through job of consolidating 120 years of legislation prescribing the legal parameters of our treatment of the species that constitute the living natural environment of England and Wales.

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Will the Pope’s intervention save us?

Wildlife and environment charities have often bemoaned the lack of leadership from individuals in high level positions of power and influence.  On the 24 May 2015 the Pope produced an Encyclical ‘Care For Our Common Home’, it is a profound and far-sighted essay and directive on the relationship between people and the planet on which we live.  Combined with the recent intervention of Barack Obama on conserving pollinators it is clear that there has b

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Scottish Invertebrate News Vol 5 Issue 2

  • Welcome to the 10th issue of Scottish Invertebrate News!

    With the field season coming to a close once more, it’s a good time to catch up on this year’s new discoveries, project updates and the 2014 Scottish Entomologists’ Gathering. 

Buglife asks Government for action on alien species


Buglife believes that all invertebrates are important. However sometimes bugs can end up where they’re not supposed to, and sometimes this leads to problems. These alien (non-native) species may have damaging effects on their new environment and can push out our native animals or plants.

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First impressions

A key aim of this project is sustainability, the Bugs on the Brink work has been specifically designed to increase long term invertebrate conservation work on St Helena. Part of my role out here is to ensure that the project is still fit for purpose and complements the other work being carried out on St Helena.

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Scottish Invertebrate News Vol 5 Issue 1