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Where Less is More

This week is a guest blog – by Buglife’s Director of Conservation, Craig Macadam. Enjoy. Matt Shardlow.

Unless you've been on a different planet you've probably noticed that the 20th Commonwealth Games have been taking place in Glasgow. As the teams paraded in to Hampden Park it was great to see some of the overseas territories represented. These small outposts of the former British Empire, 16 in number, are spread around the globe. 

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Is it ‘cos I is small?

*Warning: 'Is it 'cos I is small' - UK cultural Ali G comedy reference – international readers may prefer the title ‘Species discrimination – the elephant in the room

We all know that racial discrimination is wrong, but what about species discrimination?  Is it OK to discriminate against a species not on the merits of its importance to the environment, or even on its usefulness to humans, but simply because it is ‘not like us’? 

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Is Britain too poor for wildlife?

Investment is needed to save the White-clawed crayfish from extinction, but funding cuts have brutally slashed all efforts to rehome endangered populations. This does not feel like a poor country so why are we stopping protecting our environment?

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Funding Boost for Buglife

Buglife is today celebrating the news that it has received a £66,455.00 funding boost from SITA Trust for their project "Living Roofs for Camden's Wildlife".

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