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Seashell Survey

Welcome to the National Seashell Survey! A visit to the seashore at any time of the year can make a fantastic day out, and provides a wonderful opportunity to see some amazing creatures up-close!

The National Seashell Survey is a fun way to learn about the natural world, while helping to collect useful information about the species that live around our coasts.

The UK coastline consists of thousands of miles of rocky shores, sandy beaches and pebble-covered bays and hosts an amazing range of species. 

As the meeting place of land and sea, you’re never sure what you’ll find in rockpools, or hiding in the seaweed along the strandline!

On these pages you will find lots of information to help you find and identify different species of snails and bivalves from their shells, and online forms so that you can record your observations.


Pelican's foot © Suzanne Bairner, Flat or Purple topshell © Peter Barfield/MarLIN, Sea potato © Cwmiraeth