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Scotland’s Buzzing

Scotland’s Buzzing is an exciting new project that will promote the importance of local greenspace for pollinating insects to school children, community gardens and landowners. 

Our pollinators are under a significant amount of pressure across the UK due to the loss of habitat and other factors. There is also a lack of understanding of the importance of the role pollinator’s play in ensuring a healthy environment. Areas of local greenspace, when managed appropriately, often act as important ‘stepping stones’ allowing the movement and mixing of individuals and species across an area. Well managed areas of local greenspace are known to play an important role in maintaining healthy populations of pollinators in urban areas. 

Areas of local greenspace are important for people to! The use of outdoor space for learning and exercise by children and adults has a number of known benefits to our health and well being.


Scotland’s Buzzing schools programme will take children out of the classroom to their local area of green space. At least ten schools across Scotland will participate in this project. There will be a number of fun and engaging activities for pupils to learn about pollinators and the habitats they require. By providing advice and support to teachers, this exciting project will encourage schools to continue the use of their local greenspace for outdoor learning and exercise.


Additionally, this project will run visits to community gardens to train volunteers in how to identify and monitor pollinators and will run workshops for landowners in how to create and manage wildflower and grassland meadows.


If you would like to get involved in the Scotland’s Buzzing project please contact us through and 01786447504.


This project is funded by Scottish Natural Heritage.