NIA workshop flyer

The Greater Thames Marshes Nature Improvement Area programme includes a series of free invertebrate ID training workshops.

Peterborough Wildlife Festival Programme

Peterborough’s first week-long Wildlife Festival is taking place from the 23rd – 30th May.

The festival is a partnership between Buglife, the Nene Park Trust, the Wildlife Trust and Froglife, working with conservation groups active in Peterborough throughout the week to hold diverse events and activities to inspire the local community.

Great British Bee Count 2014 Results

The Great British Bee Count has finished and the results are in.

More than 23,000 people around the UK used a free smartphone app to log their sightings of 832,000 bees during the 12 week citizen science survey organised by Buglife, Friends of the Earth and B&Q.

Allotments are providing the best habitat for bees while parks and roadsides need improving.

Scientists warn that the overall picture for British bees is one of serious decline, with 71 of our 267 species under threat and more than 20 already extinct, and stress the importance of maintaining a wide diversity of bees in order to cross-pollinate many fruits and vegetables.