Help for Local Authorities

Local Authorities have a big role to play in helping to develop the B-Lines network. In addition the B-Lines can be used by Local Authorities by assisting in their prioritisation and delivery of Green Infrastructure and other wildlife initiatives, by targeting action for pollinators on their estates and in strategic development planning work.

Some key areas where Local Authorities can use the B-Lines include:

  • Using the B-Lines in Local Planning and Green Infrastructure work and as part of the biodiversity ‘evidence base’.
  • Reviewing existing planning policies to ensure important habitats, and other areas important to insect pollinators are protected.
  • Implementing positive management regimes on any Local Wildlife sites which form a key part of the B-Lines networks.
  • Making small changes to management regimes carried out on roadside verges, parks and other amenity space which added together can make a major contribution towards the enhancement of the environment at a landscape-scale.
  • Developing new projects or initiatives to help pollinators
  • Enthusing others to take action and working with local people, schools and businesses to help conserve our insect pollinators and other wildlife.

Further advice is available in our series of four Local Authority Guidance Notes