Bridgeness Biodiversity

Bridgeness Biodiversity was a project in the Inner Forth area in Bo’ness that managed a brownfield site and wildflower area for wildlife and people.

Bridgeness, in Bo’ness, is within the Inner Forth area and is currently heavily developed with industry and housing, although, due to the John Muir Way and local tourist attractions there are a high number of visitors to the local area.

This project managed a brownfield site known locally as Bridgeness Ship Breakers for the UK Biodiversity Action Plan priority habitat ‘Open Mosaic Habitat on Previously Developed Land’ (OMH). The project also created and managed a wildflower meadow in the Grangepans area of Bo’ness which was previously amenity grassland. Both Bridgeness Ship Breakers and Grangepans grassland act as an important green corridor that functionally links important habitat and allows the movement and mixing of wildlife throughout Bo’ness.

During a recent survey, Bridgeness Ship Breakers was identified as being important for wildlife, particularly invertebrates including bumblebee, butterflies and grasshoppers as well as the Hobo spider (Tegenaria agrestis) which is uncommon in Scotland and typical of brownfield sites. This site is also important for plants with over 145 species being recorded so far. With the help of volunteers from the local community, this project has removed invasive Sea buckthorn, controlled scrub and bramble and cleared litter to make it a safer place for the local community to use and enjoy. The clearance of scrub has enhanced the area for wildflowers providing better a larger area for foraging pollinators.

In the area of amenity grassland at Grangepans, this project created a species rich wildflower meadow for wildlife and people. A diverse range of native species of wildflower have been planted through seed and plugs with the help of volunteers and local school children.

The Bridgeness Biodiversity project is working in partnership with Falkirk Council and the Inner Forth Landscape Initiative.

Bridgeness Biodiversity was funded and supported by Falkirk Environment TrustHeritage Lottery Fund through the Inner Forth Landscape Initiative and the contribution of the LIFE financial instrument of the European Community.

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