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Great news for pollinators


Buglife welcomes the funding promised by the Environment Secretary as a great first step towards securing the future of our precious pollinators. Coupled with the ban on neonicotinoids this is real affirmative action in the battle to arrest the decline of bees and other pollinators and preserve the buzz of life.

Public support for the Private Member’s Bill, the Protection of Pollinators Bill, has helped gain some major concessions from government who today announced the creation of a £60,000 fund to complete the mapping of pollinator habitat across England leading to the Bill being withdrawn.

Once mapping is completed more resource will clearly be needed to deliver the on-the-ground change required to turn the mapped lines into landscapes full of wildflowers for pollinators. But today is a great day for our pollinators

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    Sunday 28th October 2018

    £60K is that sufficient? And could someone explain to me re: bill being withdrawn? Please see the response to below comment - Buglife
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    Thursday 25th October 2018

    a 60k study seems a very small concession on what's a really big issue, and surely creating a meaningful network of pollinator corridors will require FAR more commitment than this. Can Buglife confirm we haven't been fobbed off too cheaply? Also on a somewhat separate issue (sorry), can you comment on what work is going on to assess viable alternatives to neonics, since we must make sure that whatever is substituted is better rather than even worse (and that could be challenging..)? Many thanks for your comments. On the first point you’re right that this is a drop in the ocean for what is needed which is why we’ve said in that we might need their help to make the B-Lines a reality. But it is a great first step as it will enable the completion of mapping the best routes for intervention before seeking the funding and starting the process of creating new pollinator habitat On neonic alternatives we can say that this is something that we’re looking at, particularly Sulfoxaflor, and we’re also making sure that after Brexit we’re not left without an assessment and authorisation process for pesticides in the UK. many thanks for your concern and support - Buglife

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