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Scottish Invertebrate News

Scottish Invertebrate News is an exciting biannual newsletter providing updates on new discoveries, volunteer opportunities and events for the interested amateur to the experienced expert.

Scottish Invertebrate News aims to update everyone who is interested in invertebrate conservation in Scotland – from the interested amateur to the experienced expert. It includes articles on new initiatives, the latest discoveries, and opportunities to get involved. It also provides updates on the progress of the Strategy, and a calendar of events – from introductory bugwalks to talks to under-recorded species ID workshops, there is something for everybody.

The articles are written by a range of contributors from different organizations and with different specialisms, providing wide taxonomic coverage. Contributions for future issues are also very welcome - this is your newsletter.

Scottish Invertebrate Update

To help fill the gaps between issues of Scottish Invertebrate News, a new monthly e-newsletter, Scottish Invertebrate Update was launched in 2012 with breaking news, upcoming invertebrate-related events, training and volunteering opportunities in Scotland.

E-mail to be added to the mailing list, or click on the download links on the right, to read the latest monthly update.

Springtail (Bourletiella viridescen) (c)Tim Ransom

Springtail (Bourletiella viridescen) (c)Tim Ransom

The springtail, Bourletiella viridescens provides the logo for the publication. This invertebrate, known only from the Cairngorms in the UK, represents the spirit of the newsletter, which is exciting and vibrant, covering all invertebrates in Scotland – including those under-recorded groups that tend to receive little attention. Bourletiella viridescens is an iconic Scottish species, just like the Wildcat or Golden eagle.

We hope you enjoy Scottish Invertebrate News, and that it inspires you to take part in the conservation of our native invertebrates!

This newsletter is produced as part of the ‘Action for Scottish Invertebrates’ project. This project is grant-aided by Scottish Natural Heritage and delivered on behalf of the Initiative for Scottish Invertebrates (ISI) by Buglife – The Invertebrate Conservation Trust.

If you would like to sign up to the mailing list, write an article for Scottish Invertebrate News, suggest a topic to be discussed, or would like any further information, please contact Editor.