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General Purpose Wildflower seed mix

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Buglife have teamed up with Boston Seeds to make available 100g wildflower seed packets on the Buglife shop. Plant these at home and create your own mini wildflower meadow!

A blend of 23 perennial wildflower species which are found growing on a diverse range of soils. The species within the mixture are robust, reliable and can be found growing throughout the entire UK. Includes popular meadow species such as Cowslip, Meadow Buttercup, Knapweed, Foxglove and Oxeye Daisy. Sowing rate 3g/m². This packet should pant an area of 33m2

100g packet.

£20.99 including VAT and p&p


A next day courier service is available for an additional £2.00. Please state in the order comments box if you require this.

Our make a mini meadow guide will provide you with instructions on how to create your very own meadow. Remember to lightly scatter your seeds over the whole area you want to cover.


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