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Freshwater Consultation

Of all the ecosystems on the planet, freshwater supports the greatest concentration of biodiversity. Whilst freshwater habitats cover less than 1% of the planet’s surface, they support up to 10% of known species. Yet freshwater ecosystems are among the most imperilled, with biodiversity losses occurring much faster in freshwater than terrestrial or marine environments.

Buglife and the Fresh Water Working Group of the Society for Conservation Biology are undertaking a horizon scanning exercise to understand what issues will contribute to global impacts on freshwater habitats and the species which inhabit them over the next ten years.

We would like your assistance in identifying the technological advances, environmental changes, novel ecological interactions, and changes in society that will lead to substantial impacts, whether positive or negative, on fresh water globally.

We are looking for issues that are regionally or globally important, are predicted to impact primarily upon fresh water habitats and the species which inhabit them, and novel or likely to emerge in the following five to ten years.

You can contribute as many issues as you want by completing the form at  The results of the horizon scanning will be published in early 2019, with all contributors acknowledged. It is expected that the results will help to guide research, influence policy decisions and help prioritise conservation work.

An example of a potential topic, and the detail required is available at