Severn B-Lines Launch Event

Tuesday 18th May, 2021 - 6:30 pm - 7:30 pm


Hear how Shropshire is playing it’s part in an ambitious project to link up wildlife habitats across the whole of the UK

We live in a connected world that provides us with adventure, convenience and being able to keep in touch with friends and family; but whilst we have created a connected world for ourselves, we have taken that away from our wildlife. B-lines is the simple but ambitious solution to providing highways and byways for our pollinators and other wildlife, and it is happening in Shropshire right now.

Join Buglife Conservation Officers Kate and Hayley to hear about our national B-lines network and how Shropshire is playing it’s part in providing connected habitat for pollinators and other wildlife, learn about what you can do to help on your own patch and how you can get involved with the Severn B-lines project.

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