Carri-on Recording! An Introduction to Carrion Beetles

Thursday 17th December, 2020 - 10:00 am - 12:00 pm


Carri-on Recording! An Introduction to Carrion Beetles with Ashleigh Whiffin from National Museums Scotland

Silphidae are a fascinating family of beetles also known as Carrion beetles. As their common name suggests, many of them are associated with carrion, feeding on the remains of dead vertebrate animals. There are only 21 species recorded from the UK and most of these are reasonably large in size, making identification a little bit easier than many other beetle families! In this session we’ll be joined by Ashleigh Whiffin (National Museums Scotland & Silphidae Recording Scheme organiser) who will show you how to identify these beetles, explain more about their unique behaviour and ecology, as well as how to find and record them.

Image (c) Ashleigh Whiffin

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