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A tax on landfill operators is used to encourage waste reduction. Some of this tax is allocated to environmental projects via the Landfill Communities Fund.

To be eligible for landfill tax funding, Buglife must contribute 10% of the total amount required for our work to save threatened invertebrates.

Every £1 donated to our Match Pot appeal can release £10 of funding.

  • £10 unlocks £100 of landfill funds to buy 150 wildflower plug plants, helping extend our B-Lines network and provide more connectivity for wild pollinators.
  • £20 will unlock £200 of landfill funds to harvest seed from 1 hectare of wildflower meadow, and extend the wildflower-rich habitat for bees, butterflies, hoverflies and moths.
  • £40 unlocks £400 of landfill funds to install 1 square metre of educational living wall, bringing pollinating habitats to eye level.
  • £100 will unlock £1000 of landfill funds to clear more than 1000 square metres of scrub, creating open habitat for the Shrill carder bee, Small blue butterfly and many other species.

Your support enables us to secure funding for ongoing and new projects that will help protect threatened invertebrates and other wildlife.

Our work would not be possible without your support. Bees, crayfish and other invertebrates need help to reverse the catastrophic declines in their numbers.

Please donate today so we can restore vital habitats and rebuild strong populations of invertebrates in the UK. Thank you.

If we raise more funding than we need to secure grants from the Landfill Communities Fund, Match Pot funds will be used to contribute  towards other Buglife work or activities, including projects being funded through the Heritage Lottery Fund and other sources for which match or partnership funding is required. 

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