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Changing policy on invasive species

Here at Buglife we regularly work with policy makers on how to improve policy for the benefit of humans and wildlife.

New European Union regulations came into effect on the 1st January 2015. A list of Invasive Alien Species of EU Concern is to be produced and these species will be subject to control and biosecurity measures. Member States may also create their own lists of Invasive Alien Species of Concern, and put appropriate control measures in place.

With this in mind, Buglife has defined a process for identifying which non-native invertebrate species that are already in this country, or may soon arrive, are likely to cause the most damage to our environment. 56 species have been identified in the UK as priority for action. Buglife is contributing ideas to the national effort to control these species and is helping to protect our native invertebrates from the damage that they cause. One way we are doing this is by contributing to the current review of the list of species that, by law, must not be released to the wild in England or Wales