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Habitats projects

Green backyard wildlife pond

© Steven Falk

Everyone needs somewhere to live, including bugs.

In fact, bugs are happy to live in many places we would steer clear of, including brackish (salty) ditches, dead fungus and rotten wood.

In each habitat they carry out a number of functions which help to maintain a healthy environment, from recycling decaying matter such as wood and vegetation, to enhancing soil fertility and helping to keep rivers clean.

This section provides information on some of the key habitats for invertebrates, including brownfields, farmland, soft rock cliffs and freshwater, all habitats that we have been working in.

Many of these habitats are heavily influenced by human activity, and it is crucial that we conserve what's left of them. We need to ensure that our current needs and lifestyles don't impoverish wildlife habitats for future generations.