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LIFE+ Projects

Funding from LIFE+ is enabling Buglife to work on three exciting projects in Scotland, all on diverse and important habitats for invertebrates.  

The LIFE programme is the EU’s funding tool for positive action on environmental and climate change issues.

The European Commission launched the LIFE programme in 1992.

Since then a total of 224 projects have been co-funded in the UK alone. This includes 157 projects focussing on environmental innovation, 61 projects on nature conservation and biodiversity and 6 on information and communication. 



Buglife has secured funding from the LIFE programme in its fourth phase; LIFE+. It has provided co-funding for 3 wonderful projects in Scotland spanning 3 diverse and important habitats. Delivered as part of the EcoCo LIFE project:  LIFE13 BIO/UK/000428

Bing’s for Wildlife – Managing 2 brownfield sites created by the coal industry (spoil heaps known locally as bings) for wildlife and nature.

Glorious Green Roofs – Creating a network of green roofs at industrial sites and emphasising the importance of green roofs for invertebrates and other wildlife.

Bogs for Bugs - Slamannan Bog RestorationRestoring approximately 180 hectares of degraded lowland raised bogs in the Central belt of Scotland.

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