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Fallin Bing ‘From Coalfield to Brownfield’

Our Fallin Bing project explored, captured and shared the story of Fallin Bing, a former coal mining site near Stirling.

We worked in partnership with The Conservation Volunteers (TCV) throughout the Fallin Bing project, finded by All Our Stories Heritage Lottery Fund, tobring the local community closer to nature.

Fallin Bing is integral to the social, industrial and natural heritage of the community in Fallin and its surrounding area, yet it has a story that is not widely recognised or told.  The Fallin Bing - 'From Coalfield to Brownfield' project set out to discover these stories and find out what the Bing means to people both in the past and present day.

Fallin Bing © Dr. Shanks

Fallin Bing © Dr. Shanks

Through taking part in onsite conservation tasks, we helped to establish a link between members of the community which rarely mix (the older generation with the younger generation), as well as creating a stronger link with the Bing itself. By bringing generations of Fallin's community together, the significant heritage of this unique former coal mining site has been captured. Our YouTube video 'Fallin Bing; from Coalfield to Brownfield' demonstrates this well.



The Fallin Bing project included a series of outdoor group days, with a variety of different habitat creation tasks such as scrub removal and wildflower plug planting, as well as opportunities to learn about the wildlife, particularly pollinating insects that can be found on the Bing.

HLF logo

HLF logo

Information on the Bings history and future of the site has been collected during the group days through video and photography. The project video can be shared and shown at local community events well into the future after the end of the project. It is widely accessible and available for all communities and residents within the local authority area and across Scotland. 

The Fallin Bing project was funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund.

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