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Buzzing Business Pack!

Buglife have teamed up with Anglian Water to produce an exciting new pack to inspire businesses to create bug friendly areas

The ‘Buzzing Business Pack’ offers advice on creating opportunities for pollinators on even the smallest unused patch of land- whether it’s a meadow or containers of wildflowers, a mini orchard or hanging baskets.

Why not see if your workplace will help to do something small to help our declining bees, butterflies and beetles?  

The ‘Buzzing Business Pack’ highlights some of the amazing bugs that might visit your buzzing areas, including bees, wasps, beetles and butterflies. We’ve also highlighted some of the great wildflowers and drought tolerant garden plants that you should choose to help pollinators get the most out of your buzzing area.

Creating a buzzing wildlife area is a great way to bring the workplace together as well as showing the local community that you care.

Planting team (C) Richard Smith. Anglian Water Logo

Planting team (C) Richard Smith. Anglian Water Logo

Why not check out the ‘Buzzing Ideas’ download to see what buzzing ideas might help make your workplace a better place to be for both you and bugs? Your team could spend their lunch breaks outside in the fresh air watching wildlife, working together to make wildlife havens or even enjoying freshly baked treats using the fruit from you work’s trees!


If you need inspiration, the ‘How it’s done’ case study shows how Buglife helped to transform unused grassy areas at the former Anglian Water offices in Huntingdon into a meadow and drought-tolerant garden area.

The Buzzing Business Pack was funded by Anglian Water, as part of the Anglian Water’s Buzzing project.