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Bee Wonderful Appeal

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Together with your help we’re working hard on creative solutions to the increasing threats facing our bees and other wild pollinators.

Can you support our Bee Wonderful Appeal?

We need your help to reverse the declines in our rare and threatened bees and pollinators. Through our Get Britain Buzzing campaign, we are working to restore rural and urban wildflower-rich areas and reduce the use of harmful pesticides.

The facts:

  • 1.     It is estimated that 84% of EU crops (valued at £12.6 billion per year) and 80% of wildflowers rely on insect pollination.
  • 2.     3 million hectares of wildflower grassland have been lost in the UK since World War Two.
  • 3.     Since 1900 more than 20 species of bee have become extinct – and more than a quarter of those remaining are under threat.

Your support will enable us to secure funding for ongoing and new projects that will help save threatened bees and other wildlife. Every pound raised could help create a square metre of wildflower rich meadow to support our bees.

Your donation may also be used to support our wider pollinator work, to help Get Britain Buzzing!

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