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South Devon B-Lines

The South Devon B-Lines Project is a partnership between Buglife and South Devon Area AONB, and is part of the wider B-Lines initiative, identifying and then delivering a UK-wide network of wildflower-rich meadows and grasslands.

The project will create a network of B-Lines linking wildflower-rich areas across South Devon from the west to the east, and from the north to the south, linking Dartmoor to the coast, and linking our towns and urban areas to the countryside.

View the South Devon B-Lines map here.


A boost for rare bees

As well as boosting the numbers of pollinating insects in our countryside, South Devon B-Lines will help bats and other wildlife. 

South Devon is a national hotspot for some of our most threatened bees, B-Lines will help to many of these species to thrive.  Find out more about our South West Bees Project here.


Working in partnership

The Avon Valley Countryside Stewardship Facilitation Group is helping to create, restore and enhance wildflower-rich grasslands and other habitats along the B-Lines in in the Avon Valley.


How you can help

Are you a farmer or landowner with land within the South Devon B-Lines? 

If you already have a special area to showcase, and would like to add your site to our B-Lines map click here.

Download advice on creating, restoring and managing wildflower-rich grasslands.

Or contact us for more information.


Do you live on a South Devon B-Line or are you part of a community group or school?

Download advice on creating community-meadows and gardening for pollinators.

We’d also love to hear about your B-Lines pollinator hotspots, so please add them to our B-Lines map.

Follow these links to find out more about other B-Lines projects in South West England, or our other projects in the South West.


This project has been made possible through a grant from South Devon AONB Sustainability Fund and Natural England. The wider South Devon B-Lines project partnership includes the following organisations: South Hams District Council, Plymouth City Council, National Trust, Natural England, South Devon Nature Trust, FWAG South West and Devon Wildlife Trust