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Landscapes for Wild Pollinators and Farm Wildlife project


The Landscapes for Wild Pollinators and Farm Wildlife project is providing free, tailored advice to farmers and landowners across Kent and Sussex on land management to benefit pollinators.

Pollinators are a vitally important part of our biodiversity, as well as being incredibly important to people. They are responsible for one in every three mouthfuls of the food that we eat, and it is estimated that 84% of EU crops (valued at £12.6 billion per annum) benefit from insect pollination. In addition, approximately 80% of wildflowers also rely on insect pollinators. 


Buglife is working with landowners and managers to create new habitat features that provide linkages or habitat stepping stones between key wildlife sites within the B-lines network and in locations where key and rare species occur.

As part of our Landscapes for Wild Pollinators and Farm Wildlife Project

·       We offer individual farm visits; to provide information on how to create, locate and manage high quality pollinator habitats

·       We provide training, workshops and farm walks on practical aspects of habitat management and restoration, and the lifecycle and habitat needs of pollinators

·       We advise on how to build an application for the Countryside Stewardship Wild Pollinator and Farm Wildlife Package to address some of the key issues facing pollinators. Countryside Stewardship offers a range of options that can benefit pollinators, and we will work with you to identify those most suitable for your site. Options can include management of hedgerows, grasslands and field corners, as well as temporary features such as pollen and nectar mixes.

For further information please contact Laurie Jackson – or 07880 316036.

The Landscapes for Wild Pollinators and Farm Wildlife project is a partnership between Buglife, Natural England, Farmcare and Ecotricity.