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Help for farmers and land managers

Land managers and farmers have a great opportunity to help reverse the fortunes of wild insect pollinators and in turn safeguard pollination services. By taking action along the length and breadth of the B-Line network farmers and land managers can create a healthy environment for pollinators ensuring their survival into the future. This includes managing and restoring existing natural habitats, and importantly, looking for ways to link these together using flower-rich corridors such as field margins and hedgerows. 

Further information is available on our Farm Advice section. If you own or are managing land within the B-Lines network in Kent or Sussex please look at our Landscapes for Wild Pollinators and Farm Wildlife project pages as you may be able to receive free farm advice or attend a pollinator training session. Or if you have land within B-Lines in England why not consider the Countryside Stewardship Wild Pollinators and Farm Wildlife Package and get paid to carry out work for pollinators

Habitat mosaic - chalk downland

Habitat mosaic - grazing marsh

Habitat mosaic - heathland

Habitat mosaic - wood pasture

Managing farmland habitats - grassland

Sheet 1 Grassland for pollinators

Sheet 2 Wildflower-rich grassland restoration

Sheet 3 Wildflower-rich grassland creation

Sheet 4 Management of wildflower-rich grasslands for insects

Sheet 5 Seeding the B-Lines

Farmland pollinator sheet

Managing woodland for pollinators